Hello and welcome to Paper Trail! When we decided to work on a second demo, we thought that since the first twenty scenes were out in the open, we wanted to be more transparent on what we’re working on since there isn’t as huge a worry in regards to spoilers right now. Paper Trail is what we came up with to make our process as clear as possible.

Typically, our blog posts are fairly decent in size, wrapping our general progress up in a neat little package. Paper Trail is the quicker, maybe a little messier, alternative. This allows all of the devs to make small, informal blog posts about whatever it is they’re working on: scrapped content, drafts, or maybe just WiP-related doodles. Content can be rough and lack polish, but using this method allows us to share stuff in the pipeline immediately. If you’d rather wait for more polished information and updates, our regular blog will be continuing it’s normal updates.

We think this’ll be a fun, interesting way to keep you updated. Hope you enjoy it!