This isn’t really an update on progress, but I thought it’d be fun to share. If you poked around our source code at all, you might’ve spotted some cut content, including this poster.

Originally, the plan was for both the writing and art club to have posters that would gradually fill up some of the campus backgrounds (hallways, etc) as the demo period passed, building up to the club day scene, which we’ve been using as our “mascot” moment, included on the front page of our site and so on. The idea ended up being scrapped before it left the concept phase. 

We did plan to keep the poster after that, introducing it in a manner similar to the art club, but I thought it was odd how Caprice and Mekki were at odds with each other and yet it seemed like their designs came from the same source, most likely an art club member who obviously wouldn’t want to help Mekki recruit for her club. The art club poster ended up staying in the demo build, while we replaced Mekki’s with her handwritten note, which still conveyed all of the necessary information. It also helped us seperate Mekki and Caprice just a tiny bit more; Caprice would keep the art club a secret from Oliver and tease him with it, whereas Mekki would be direct and personally invite him. <div> </div><div>

Just some small dev insider stuff that I thought would be neat to share, since the poster was left inside our source. On the subject of the club posters though, we know some people thought the art poster looked awkward since the designs themselves were painted over while the text wasn’t. It’s a small thing, but it’ll be fixed in the second demo. </div>