Street background, part one

One of the scenes in the demo was supposed to have a different street background, but the one we already had was one of the oldest backgrounds and not very pretty, so we just used the one outside the apartment because of time constraints. I’m making a new one now and I thought it’d be fun to post some sketches and updates and so on.

First thing I did was making some very simple shapes to get a feel for the composition and size and so on, then I made a quick rough sketch over that to continue figuring out how it should roughly work. Here’s that sketch:

And now that I roughly know how the background should look, I don’t know how to end this post.

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Meanwhile in the hood

The background showing the outside of Oliver’s apartment is somewhat old and I never really liked it for various reasons, and some of the backgrounds that appear early in the VN already received some touch-ups. Here’s a sketch kinda thing.


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Meanwhile in the hood: the sequel

Here it is finished, in the ‘overcast’ variation. It’s still similar in layout to the original background, but hopefully it’s way improved.     

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ah memories

Quite old UI concept, March 2012.


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